Bizymom's Walnut Creek Rhinoplasty

Dr. Prescott has been asked to provide an expert’s overview of rhinoplasty in Walnut Creek, California. Please follow this link for to see this interview, or visit his website at Walnut Creek Rhinoplasty for more information.

Bizymom's Facelift Interview

Bizymom’s, a website devoted to topics of interest by women, has asked Dr. Prescott to provide information regarding facelifts and techniques, costs, etc. More facial surgery information can be found on his website.

Walnut Creek Facelift

A facelift, or “rhytidectomy”, comes in many flavors. Some patients need just a slight lifting of the jowl and tightening of the neck, and some patients need a complete overhaul of the brow, eyes, face, and neck. Only the most skilled of plastic surgeons can perform these operations to create a natural-looking face, with a long-lasting result. A Walnut Creek Facelift performed by Dr. Prescott in his private surgery center, will correct these signs of aging. Be sure to check out the photos he has posted on his website to get an idea of how great this procedure works!