Excess skin and fat of the upper arm is treated with a brachioplasty. This operation requires an incision from the armpit, along the arm, down towards the elbow. The length of the scar depends on how much skin needs to be removed. The scar is positioned so it is between your arm and your body, so it is not readily seen.

The surgery works well to remove this excess tissue, but even with excellent placement and healing of the scar, it is still a permanent scar. But for patients who have lost significant weight, there really is no other option to remove this extra tissue.

Brachioplasty requires general anesthesia and takes appx. 2.5 hours. All stitches are the dissolvable type underneath the skin, so no stitches need to be removed.

Healing time: A surgical vest is worn, to provide some compression of the upper arm area, for approximately 2 weeks. It can be removed to shower. Walking is started immediately, active weight lifting can be started in 2 weeks. The scars fade well over the first 2 years.

Pain level: Most people take pain pills for 1-2 days, then switch to Tylenol®. Rank=3 Pain information

Risks: You will have long scars along each inner arm. Skin loss or healing problems are unusual. Other risks. Risk information

Costs: $7,500 to $8,000 total. Cost information