Liposuction is the most
commonly performed cosmetic procedure in the United States, and is the most common procedure that I perform. Liposuction is the removal of fat using "cannulas" or hollow tubes which are connected to suction. "Tumescent liposuction" is the infiltration of fluid under the skin prior to removing the fat, and "Ultrasonic liposuction" and “Laser liposuction” are different machines that can break down fat before removing it with the same cannulas as in tumescent liposuction. During our consultation, I will explain whether tumescent, ultrasonic, or laser liposuction will be better for you and the areas you wish treated.

Liposuction is a
popular procedure because the fat cells are permanently removed. Although you still must maintain your diet and exercise program after surgery, many patients can keep their result indefinitely. Even though liposuction sounds easy (non-plastic surgeons are now doing it), liposuction may require more artistic skill than any other surgery due to the "sculpting" nature of the procedure. Be careful not to choose your surgeon based on the machine he uses (WhisperTumescent, Vaser®, SmartLipo®, SlimLipo®, etc.), but rather the skill he possesses in using that machine.

Due to advances in liposuction, it is available for
all body types. People at their ideal body weight can have simple contouring of problem areas, or people above their ideal body weight can benefit from large volume reduction.

Surgery: Liposuction usually requires some anesthesia, however, small areas can be treated under local anesthesia. The time of surgery depends on the number of areas treated. Stomach only is 1 hour; add inner and outer thighs, hips, and arms and it takes appx. 2 1/2 hours. The scars are very small because the cannulas are tiny, and they fade well with time.

Healing time: You wear a garment or girdle to apply pressure over the treated area for 2-3 weeks. Walking is started immediately, exercise can be started at 1 week. Time off from work or social activity depends on number of areas, from 0-10 days.

Pain level: Variable depending on area. Most people take pain pills for 1-4 days. Rank=2-5 Pain information

Risks: Immediately after the surgery, you get swollen and bruised. The bruising is gone in about 2 weeks, and you will notice a big difference, but the deep swelling takes months to fully resolve. Then the skin begins to tighten. Irregularities or waviness of the tissue may persist. Cellulite generally does not improve. For large areas, repeat liposuction may be desired. Other risks. Risk information

Costs: $3,000 to $6,000 and up depending on number of areas treated and time in the operating room. An exact fee will be quoted at your consultation. Cost information