Fortunately, breast surgery, when performed by a well-trained, board-certified plastic surgeon, has a low incidence of severe complications. However, it is the fine details of surgery, such as the scar placement, implant position, and symmetry which only the most artistic of surgeons seem to master.

Your best chance of obtaining a “perfect” result is during your first surgery. All subsequent surgeries, if needed, become more difficult because of the scar tissue that forms after surgery. This is why selecting your first surgeon is so important. For more help on how to select a surgeon, please read the page Contact Us.

It is very unusual for my own patients to require revisional breast surgery, but I do perform surgery on other patients who have had procedures performed elsewhere, and now desire correction. The cost of this type of surgery depends on what needs to be done. During your consultation, I will explain exactly what can be done to remedy the problem, and what the cost will be. There is a fee for this consultation, but this fee is subtracted from any surgery that you may need to correct the problem. Please contact the office to schedule your consultation.