Enlarged breast tissue in the male can be problematic, both for men at their ideal body weight, and men who are overweight. Because the amount of tissue removed in a man is usually substantially less than that removed in a woman, the surgery can be performed combining liposuction and removing only the tissue under the nipple. This results in significantly less scars than the standard breast reduction.

The scar is just under the areola, so it fades nicely with time. In a slender man, as shown, the result can be a more normal shape to the breast and nipple area. For a larger man, the breast can be reduced, and although still enlarged, can look more appropriate and less “feminine”. If further reduction is desired, then the standard scars would be necessary to remove even more skin.

Surgery: Gynecomastia repair takes appx. 2 hours. All incisions are closed with dissolvable stitches under the skin, that don't have to be removed. Drains are not needed, and you are placed in a surgical wrapping. You go home the same day.

Healing time: Walking is started immediately, aggressive exercise can be started at 7-10 days. Most people take only a couple of days off from work or social activities. The bruising around the chest lasts about 10 days.

Pain level: Surprisingly comfortable. Rank=2 Pain information

Risks: You must know where the scars are located prior to the surgery, but they do fade with time. Numbness along the incisions improves with time. Some asymmetry may remain. Other risks. Risk information

Costs: $6,500 to $7,000 total. Cost information