Many children are born with ears that
protrude from the head, resulting in prominant ears. This can be very distressful as the child becomes aware of the difference between his/her ears and other ears. Otoplasty is surgery to pin the ears back closer to the head. Usually the surgery is performed when the patient becomes aware of the problem, around first grade, but I also perform this surgery on many adults who never had the opportunity to fix the problem as a child.

Surgery: Otoplasty can be done under IV sedation for adults, but we usually use general anesthesia for children. The surgery takes appx. 2 hours, and you go home the same day with a wrapped dressing around your head.

Healing time: You return to our office in 2 days, at which time the dressing is removed. You can then wash your hair. I recommend wearing a sweat-band around the head to keep the ears protected from trauma for 2 weeks. Walking is started immediately, limited exercise at 1 week, full exercise at 2 weeks. Minimal bruising. Most people take 1 week off from work or social activities.

Pain level: Minimal pain. Rank=2 Pain information

Risks: The scar will be behind each ear, so hard to detect. Other risks. Risk information

Costs: $6,000 to $7,000 total. Cost information