Photographs are an extremely important tool for the patient to use to evaluate the artistic ability of the surgeon. In addition, photos will help the surgeon communicate the potential outcome (and risks) for each procedure. Photographs are invaluable during the consultation, and I use them extensively. The un-retouched photographs I use are of my own patients (not stock, models, or purchased), and my patients have graciously given me permission to use them to help explain procedures. I have included selected photos to demonstrate certain concepts in this website, but because I am overly protective of my patient’s personal information, I will limit the use of photographs here. During your consultation, I will show you many more. Return to Previous Page

The cost of a procedure is a combination of the surgeon's fee, the operating room or hospital charge, the anesthesiologist fee (if needed), and perhaps the cost of an overnight nurse. It also includes implants and any other supplies that might be needed. After any cosmetic surgery, I will continue to see that patient indefinitely at no charge. I have given a price range in $500-$1,000 increments, as some surgeries require more operating room time or anesthesia time, so there may be some variation. If additional procedures are performed simultaneously, the total cost will increase. During the consultation, an exact surgeon's fee will be quoted to the patient which is "locked in" for 60 days.
Fees are collected prior to surgery, and are paid with check, credit card, or cash. We also have
financing plans available that work much like a credit card, where you can pay over time. My staff will help you with any financing needs.

Cost is only
ONE consideration when choosing a plastic surgeon, so be sure to understand how fees are calculated and what is covered. Be very careful when comparing surgeon's fees, especially take into account the doctor's experience and skill. Is there a nurse or physician assistant doing the sewing in the operating room? And remember, when dealing with surgery on the human body, a "good deal" now may not seem so attractive later. Return to Previous Page

Pain is a subjective feature in surgery. Some patients may undergo surgery which is normally painful, and report very little discomfort. Likewise, some patients are much more uncomfortable than others. I will try and rank pain on a scale of 1 to 10 that would be true for the "average" person. Your perception could be different. Return to Previous Page

The cosmetic procedures listed, performed by a well-trained, board certified, experienced plastic surgeon, have a very low rate of severe complications. Nevertheless, the discussion of risks, from mild to severe, is an important conversation I have with all of my patients. The risks may vary depending not only on the procedure, but also the anatomy and medical condition of the patient. This section is not meant to be a complete discussion of risks such as I would do in my office, but rather a comment on the more common occurrences after each procedure. Return to Previous Page

-Dr. Prescott