Once you have decided to proceed with your planned procedure, simply call the office and we will help you find a date for your surgery. Approximately 3 weeks
prior to your selected surgery day, you will be given another appointment in the office with your doctor. This is called the Pre-Op Visit.

The Pre-Op visit is an important time to make sure any additional questions you have will be answered. The doctor will review all of the information covered in your first Consultation, and again explain what will happen during and after surgery. He will give you any prescriptions that you will need, and take any necessary photographs. You will be given consent forms that fully explain the procedures that you have signed up for, including risks and alternative treatments. He will review any blood tests or EKG if required.

This is a good time to bring your spouse, if desired, to make sure all questions are answered. Breast implant patients commonly bring in photographs of breast sizes that they like to make sure they are choosing the correct implant size. Facial patients receive skin care products, if applicable, and anti-bruising treatments for their upcoming procedure.

The Pre-Op fee is $1,000. Again, this is a fee that is deducted from the overall surgery fee, so is in essence, free. However, this is an office visit fee, and is not refundable should surgery be cancelled. The balance of your surgery fee is also collected at the Pre-Op Visit. We accept personal checks if greater than 21 days before your date of surgery, VISA, MASTERCARD, cash, debit cards, cashier’s check, or CareCredit financing. (Sorry, no AMEX). Note: Because the banks charge us for the use of your credit card, if you have any return or cancellation, we must charge you 5% for the use of your credit card, so please be confident in your decision regarding surgery prior to using your credit card.