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First, a little statement about online reviews. I read reviews, and I think they can be helpful to try and decide which product to buy. But, as I have learned, reviews can be deceptive, and sometimes even wrong where doctors are concerned. Competitors may post negative reviews. Or the business itself may post fake positive reviews. In fact, a company touting their “LifeStyle Lift®” in New York was fined $300,000 when it was discovered that all of their “patient reviews” were in fact, reviews written by company employees and not by real patients. As expected, they were all 5-star reviews! (read full story here). So, read reviews, but they should only be one factor in your decision to choose your plastic surgeon.

I would like to thank the many patients of mine who have taken the time to write reviews. I am not sure exactly why, but Yelp ignores many valid reviews, and therefore skews the average star ratings. It seems that this tactic may be influenced by whether or not a business advertises on Yelp, and I do not advertise on Yelp. Below are all of my Yelp reviews as of 11/19/13. Of the 23 reviews, 22 are 5-star rated.

  • Maggie M. (rated 5-stars)
  • Lafayette, CA
  • 9/7/2013
I had a neck and facelift from Dr. Prescott and I love the result! My once droopy neck is now well defined and my jowls are gone! I look ten years younger yet very natural. Not only is Dr. Prescott a very talented plastic surgeon but also a very nice man. He listened to my concerns and met all my expectations. His staff is also very friendly and professional as well. I highly recommend him if you are in the market for cosmetic surgery. You will not be disappointed.
  • Elaine B. (rated 5-stars)
    • Richmond, CA
    • 3/8/2013

      It took me 10 years of on again, off again searching to find a plastic surgeon I felt I could trust.  What impressed me about Dr. Prescott was 1) his front office staff are all still human, not overdone Barbie dolls . this told me he cared about realistic aesthetics, not just doing as much as possible;  2) I asked about a less invasive procedure and he refused to offer it, saying I would not be happy with the results.  He would rather turn away business than do a procedure that would not produce good results;  3) He answered all my questions and explained everything very clearly;  4) this was the deal maker - he showed me, using PhotoShop, what I could expect;  5) he and his staff never pushed me or tried to "close" me.  They gave me the information and let me make a decision.  I made the decision 3 days later and scheduled my surgery.

      I am now 4 months post-surgery and the results are even better than I had hoped for, yet I still look like myself.  A big key is in doing EXACTLY what I was told.  I iced when he said to ice.  I used the compression wrap exactly as directed, I massaged the areas to reduce swelling when told to do so.  The only thing I did not do as instructed was to stay home from work for 3 weeks.  By 5 days I returned to the office.  I felt fine, I didn't look totally awful (even that soon after surgery!)

      The before and after shots are amazing.  I would definitely recommend Dr. Prescott and his team.
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    • Tara Hills, CA
    • 2/21/2013
    • A plastic surgeon with an eye for the human body/face and how it should look... naturally. Dr. Prescott is truly a gem doctor. He cares about making you "beautiful" and about your overall well-being. His staff is great as well.
    • Annita E. (rated 5-stars)
    • San Ramon, CA
    • 2/20/2013

      Botox I love it! I bought a living social for a day spa who provided botox but after hearing from a friend that she looked like a caveman when she went there, I decided to skip the living social and go to a plastic surgeon- who knows the face and all the muscles in the face. Its been 10 days since I had the Botox from Dr. Prescott and it looks amazing!! Dr. Prescott's bedside manner is so caring and not pushy at all. The injections hurt less then popping a zit on your face and the outcome was well worth it.
      I am going back and would trust no one else but Dr. Prescott.  

      Thank you to the wonderful staff and Dr. Prescott.
    • Sharen K. (rated 5-stars)
    • Stockton, CA
    • 1/16/2013

      I recently had Lipo with Dr. Prescott, he did an amazing job.  I felt great within 24 hours,  and it has been 7 days now and I look great for such a short time.  His office staff is very helpful and professional as is he.  His follow up has been great calling me and already had my first post appointment with him. I would recommend him and already have.
    • Sue H. (rated 5-stars)
    • Walnut Creek, CA
    • 1/13/2013

      Dr. Prescott is an outstanding plastic surgeon. He is personable, helpful, knowledgeable, professional and his work is excellent. My healing went quickly and I am very pleased with the results. I highly recommend him!
    • Concord, CA
    • 6/28/13
    • I received a mini facelift that left me with droopy skin on the right side of my face, it was very disappointing. Dr. Prescott seemed very unconcerned at the results!

    • allison l. (rated 5-stars)
    • Oakland, CA
    • 8/21/2012

      I highly recommend Dr Prescott. I did my homework before selecting a surgeon, and am convinced I chose the best. From the initial consult to follow-up after surgery it has been a great experience. The surgery went well and I very pleased with the results. I had a mini lift, brow lift and under-eye surgery, and was back at work before 2 weeks were up. A little puffy, perhaps, but healed fast with no complications. His team is competitent, supportive and professional - my only regret is that I didn't do this 10 years ago :)
  • Janet O. (rated 5-stars)
    • Lafayette, CA
    • 8/10/2012

      Dr. Prescott is wonderful!  Professional and a true artist in his field.  He is honest in telling what he recommends after he listens to the patient describe what their expectation is for the surgery.  
      I had the upper and lower eyes, brows, mini lift including neck done.  I wanted a "refreshed"  and natural look which is just what I got.
      I did not have any pain which was good since I am really a big baby!!  
      The office and surgical staff are terrific and the whole process worked beautifully.  I would totally recommend him.
      Janet O.
  • Corrienne H. (rated 5-stars)
    • San Ramon, CA
    • 6/23/2012

      I went to Dr. Prescott on the recommendation of a friend.  I am 63 and I had considerable neck sag. When I would get dressed up to go out to dinner with my husband, I felt a little sad when I checked myself out in the mirror.  After meeting with Dr. Prescott, he took photos of my face and we saw pronounced eyelid droop as well.  After surgery, my neck looks amazing and I have eyelids. I realized that I'd stopped wearing mascara and eyeshadow about five years ago.  Now, I am having fun at the makeup counter.  I feel good about myself.  I don't look like a movie star, I look like me. People tell me I look ten years younger.

      My husband who was opposed to me undergoing surgery, was pretty excited when he saw the results.  

      Dr. Prescott is honest and straight forward about what surgery can and can't do for you.  He is supportive and instills confidence in the choices you make after consultation.
  • Denice S. (rated 5-stars)
    • Richmond, CA
    • 3/27/2012

      I am so very pleased that I choose Dr. Prescott to do my surgery.  3 months ago he performed a short scar rhytidectomy or mini face lift on me.  I couldn't be happier with my results.  I finally look as young as I feel!  He informed me of what I should expect so there were no surprises.  I totally recommend Dr. Prescott if you are considering cosmetic surgery.
  • Laura S. (rated 5-stars)
    • Brentwood, CA
    • 2/24/2012

      I knew immediately that he is the right surgeon for me to operrate on my lower eyes.  He is very professional, knowledgeable and has a way of putting you at ease. When I met him in person, he answered all my questions to my satisfaction, did not rush me. Surgery went very well. He has several follow up appointment to make sure everything is healing well. My recovery was fast, everyone at the office is very nice and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better Plastic surgeon to do my surgery. I highly recommend him and will not go anywhere else for any future cosmetic procedures.
    • Lynn L. (rated 5-stars)
    • Walnut Creek, CA
    • 2/8/12
    • I had upper eyelid surgery with Dr. Prescott four months ago.  I am thrilled with my results and recovery.  During office visits there were always a number of other patients, but in his office I had his complete attention and never felt rushed.  I felt so secure having the surgery performed in a surgical unit; the nurse who handled me both before and after surgery was fantastic.  Dr. Prescott and one other doctor were highly recommended to me by a local dermatologist - so glad I decided on him.  Highly recommend!  Lynn L. - Walnut Creek, CA
    • Dianne A. (rated 5-stars)
    • Danville, CA
    • 1/16/2012

      Like many of my friends who aren't afraid to admit it, I would stare into a mirror and pull the extra skin back from my cheeks and neck and wonder what could be possible. Dr. Prescott is only interested in helping you to achieve the dream of what you want, not what he'd like to do. He listens and shows you the before and after of women who have had the same procedures you're considering.
      He is as good as his word and pictures. I am completely happy and so grateful.
    • K M. (rated 5-stars)
    • Pleasant Hill, CA
    • 12/28/2011

      This is my first yelp ever.  But I wanted people to know how wonderful my experience with Dr. Prescott was.  I went in for a brow lift and eye lid surgery.  I was really nervous, actually petrified.  This was my face....  I had also had a bad experience with another local doctor many years back.  Dr. Prescott was wonderful.  Very calming, understanding and supportive.  The staff has also been wonderful to work with, always pleasant and helpful.  I am extremely happy with my results/experience and would definitely go back. I highly recommend him.  Thank you Dr. Prescott!!!
    • Shirley G. (rated 5-stars)
    • Walnut Creek, CA
    • 11/19/2011

      I knew I needed a face lift.  I had put it off for too long and decided to go in and see Dr. Prescott.  The doctor and his staff were knowledgeable and supportive.  
      Dr. Prescott took pictures and showed me what he could do on a computer program.
      He answered my questions and I knew he was the doctor I wanted.  I studied his
      computer site and read his patients' comments.  I felt prepared.

      The procedure was done in his comfortable  surgery center.  The doctor and staff   were all very professional.   I had no post  op  problems.

      Generally I felt very little pain.  I spent three weeks healing as expected.  After
      3 weeks I went to a dinner dance.  No one knew I had just had my face done.
      I couldn't believe how good I felt.
      My family and friends say I look 10-20 years younger.

      I am happy and can't believe the image looking back at me in the mirror.
      I am overjoyed at the results and would definately recommend Dr. Prescott.
      He is the best!

    • Mira S. (rated 5-stars)
    • Pittsburg, CA
    • 11/1/2011

      First let me tell you that I have been to 3 different Plastic surgeons for breast augmentation consultation and when I finally had my appointment with Dr. Prescott, I knew immediately that he is the right surgeon for me. He is very professional, knowledgeable and has a way of putting you at ease. I did a lot of research about this procedure and about different plastic surgeons, and when I met him in person, he answered all my questions to my satisfaction, did not rush me at all, considering it was a free consultation. I even had to e-mailed him couple of times with some new questions before I scheduled my surgery and he replied to me right away and was very nice about it. It had only been 5 weeks since I had my surgery and my whole experience was amazing! My breasts looks fabulous and natural looking already, he did a fantastic job. He truly is an artist. I'm so glad that i decided to go with him. He's not like other Plastic surgeons who tells you, you could go as big or anyway you want to, but actually tells you what looks good and natural according to your anatomy. My recovery was fast, everyone at the office is very nice and professional. I couldn't have asked for a better Plastic surgeon to do my surgery. I highly recommend him and will not go anywhere else for any future cosmetic procedures.

      MarLynn N. (rated 5-stars)
    • Walnut Creek, CA
    • 9/26/2011

      I recently had Dr. Prescott perform a mimi face life.   I was extremely pleased with the outcome and the professional manner he and his staff provided during the process.
      I highly recommend him.
    • Yelena G. (rated 5-stars)
    • San Francisco, CA
    • 8/15/2011

      On the second day of my surgery I was already feeling normal. The stuff is amazing! Friendly, professional and supportive. Dr. Preston spends enough time with you, listens to you and never pushes you. High professionalism and talent.
      It's been 6 days after the surgery and I'm so happy with the results, so couldn't wait to let everybody know how good this doctor is!!

      Jeannette C. (rated 5-stars)
    • Berkeley, CA
    • 1/16/2011

      I had seen several surgeons for consultations for cosmetic surgery. By far, Dr Prescott was the most thorough in his examination and explanations, very informative, and attentive to my questions and concerns. He seemed genuinely interested in giving me all the information I needed to make a good decision. It didn't hurt that a friend of mine who had a lot of experience getting "work" done said he was the best she had ever gone to.

      To be totally honest, I was more than a little anxious about having my upper & lower eyelids done but I knew it was something I had wanted to do for decades! So I went for it.

      Even through the swelling the day after surgery, I could see the improvement in my appearance immediately. Several days post-op I noticed a little bump forming along a scar line & Dr Prescott had me come in that same day, even though I suspect he knew by my description that it was nothing to worry about. It was nothing after all, but it was so reassuring to have him acknowledge my concerns and talk to me face to face about it and what I could expect as the healing continued. He was just wonderful.

      A month and a half post-op, I went in for my hair appointment & my stylist could not believe how tiny and unnoticeable the scars were. She said she had seen women who were 6 months post-op whose scars were not as pale and thin as a hair as mine were after just 6 weeks. I knew I was healing well but I had no idea my scars were so tiny and pale compared to most.

      Well, it's been 3 months since surgery and OMG! My eyes were never this beautiful even in my teens and twenties! I can hardly believe how lovely my eyes are! And with each passing week I'm astonished how I keep looking younger & younger.

      Every case is different to be sure. And ALL surgeries run risks and can have varying degrees of success. So if your planning on having cosmetic surgery, do your research thoroughly, weigh the risks carefully and pray! But based on my experience with Dr Prescott, you couldn't be in more expert and caring hands if you decide to do it.

      Thanks, Doctor P, for my beautiful new eyes! I could not have ever imagined I would ever look this beautiful again!

      Alanis m. (rated 5-stars)
    • Clayton, CA
    • 12/17/2010

      Dr. Prescott and his staff are truly outstanding and I can't sing the praises loud and  high enough.  I had a face lift and upper and lower eyelids done and the results were fantastic!  I look so "rested" and more youthful.  Most people think I have simply been using a new cleanser or moisturizer on my face because I still look like myself, but I'm a new, improved, "refreshed" version of me!  I felt completely at ease with every aspect of my experience, and am looking forward to getting another procedure (or two!) - a tummy tuck and breast reduction/lift.  I have complete confidence that Dr. Prescott will give me the best possible result, and I know that his wonderful, caring, and knowledgeable staff will do everything to make my next surgical experience perfect.. I have referred several friends to Dr. Prescott, who, after seeking out second opinions from some other surgeons in the area, chose Dr. Prescott and are thrilled with their results, too.

    • San Leandro
    • 3/25/2010
      Dr. Prescott is amazing. Very professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend him (and have). Dr. Prescott has certainly earned his accolades. If you are in the market for cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, I would absolutely suggest you make an appointment with him. I would never consider going to anyone else.

      From his bio:

      Dr. Prescott has been elected to be Chairman of the Department of Plastic Surgery at both John Muir and Mt. Diablo hospitals for multiple terms, and is respected for his unique talents in this highly specialized field of surgery. He is an active member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, and the California Society of Plastic Surgeons.

      ** Elected by his peers as one of 500 top doctors in the San Francisco Bay Area, the only plastic surgeon listed for the East Bay (San Francisco Magazine, Jan 2001)
    • Danville, CA
    • 11/5/2010
      Dr. Prescott's work is truly amazing.  Although I heal super fast, a week after my mini lift and brow lift I was out an about with very minimal evidence that work had been done.  A little puffiness and a small darkness under the eye was all that I had.  He was great explaining what he thought would meet my needs and what to expect afterwards. I was most afraid of having that "pulled back " look after the surgery and with the placement of the scars and the natural look that resulted people who knew I had the work done were amazed. I would not hesitate to recommend him.